There are three roads we are concerned with:

  1. Ortega Highway (HWY 74; from San Juan Capistrano to Lake Elsinore)
    Our gate is located at '34395 Ortega Hwy, San Juan Capistrano'. Co-ordinates are '33.53967,-117.54873'.
    You can find road conditions and status information at the following links.
    - - This is the best source for incidents in progress.
    - - This is the best source for long term projects and general status.
    - Widening project - Information on night time and some full 55 hour weekend closures through 2025.
    - Ortega Highway commuters group on Facebook - This is the best source for commentary.

  2. Access Road
    Runs from the red gate on Ortega highway to the sign boards at the entry to the community.
    - Drive carefully.
    - Watch for rocks after rain.
    - Pull over for faster traffic (there are plenty of turnouts).
    - Escort large vehicles of non residents (1/4 mile ahead, flag down oncoming traffic).

  3. Interior roads
    These are our community "streets".
    - Maximum speed is 15mph.
    - Drive considerately of children and horses.