How do I get a pool key?

Call Tammy at -0606 The cost per key is $20.00 (payable to the Association.

Is it okay to climb the fence if I don’t have a pool key?

Absolutely not!

Our pool is regulated by the Riverside County Health Department and they do make unscheduled visits. If they see someone climb the fence, they will shut our pool down for a safety violation.

Can we prop the gate open on a busy day to admit friends?

No. Not even for a minute. The gate is to remain locked at all times. Please use your pool key for access.

If a Health Department inspector finds the gate unlocked, they will shut down our pool for a safety violation.

Can children to be at the pool without adults in attendance?

No children under the age of 14 are to be allowed at the pool without an adult present. No lifeguard is on duty so always watch your children when at the pool area. Parents are responsible for any damage or problems related to minor children at the pool.

OK, what other pool rules are there?

  • No dogs or other animals are ever to be allowed in the pool area for health reasons
  • Please observe the posted regulations
  • Do not bring glass containers to the pool - EVER.
  • Do not leave anything in the pool
  • Please leave the pool area and the restrooms cleaner than you found them.