Ortega Gate & Callbox

Clicker/Remote quick info

The red gates uses a 300MHz system. Most newer homeowner gates use a 433MHz system. For many people, this means carrying two clickers. Instead, you can find universal remotes that will operate both frequencies.

Having tried many options, the best to date is the 'why evo". Any of the four buttons can be programmed for almost any opener; gates, garage doors etc.

Unfortunately they are no longer available in the USA, but can be imported from Croatia via eBay (takes 7-10 days). It is recommended to get them with the visor clip.


Why do we have a gate?

To keep uninvited people off our roads and out of our community. Also, the gate is required as a condition of our permission to use the road and we are required to keep it closed.

What's a "clicker"?
It's the remote transmitter (aka "gate opener) used to activate our gate. It could also be the HomeLink (or similar) transmitter installed in your vehicle (if it has been properly programmed).

Where do I get a clicker?
Hand held clickers can be purchased from a local hardware store or online. Purchase the Multicode 10-toggle switch programmable type. Email gate @ ranchocarrillo.com for the current settings. We change the code annually - watch for announcements in the OneCallNow newsletter.

How many clickers may I have?
There is no limit, however, you should only supply them to authorized and trusted visitors.
Also, if you give a clicker to your handyman, gardener or contractor, please be sure that it is returned to you once they are no longer in your employment. This helps maintain the security of our community.

How does the gate keypad work?
In order to admit your guests at the gate by remote control, guests must walk up to the gate access panel and scroll to the name of the resident they wish to reach, by pressing the A (scroll up) or the Z (scroll down) button, highlighting the desired resident's name and then pressing the call button.

Alternatively, guests may enter the 3 digit code for the desired resident and then pressing the Call button. The 3 digit code is located next to the residents' name.

This will ring your home or cell phone in the normal manner. After you identify the person calling, push the number “9” on your phone to open the gate remotely.

What do I need to know about the gate operation?
If you come up to the gate and it is closing, please let it continue to close before pushing your button. This reduces strain on the gate motor and will extend its life. Do not stop in the gate path,. The gate will close automatically on its cycle and can hit your car. Do not operate your opener if you see someone else stopped in the gate path. Do not ride, or let anyone else ride on the gate. The motor that runs the gate is very expensive and the extra weight will damage the motor. Occasionally, the gate malfunctions or is vandalized. If this occurs, please call an Association Board member.

How do I open the gate if the power is off at the gate or the gate operator fails? Push your clicker (to release the magnetic lock) and manually push the gate open. It's heavy, but you can do it! Be sure to close it behind you!

Should I let in people that I don’t know inside?
No! Only the homeowner who invited them should let them in. Point visitors to the call box. Some residents have had unwanted guests and unpleasant experiences because a neighbor thought that they were being helpful by letting someone in. As our gate is unmanned, we must rely on each other not to let uninvited persons into our community.

Who should I call if I forgot my clicker?
Make friends with one or two of your neighbors and have an arrangement that they call you and you call them.

Why is the gate sometimes locked open?
Because it has been opened by authorized personnel such as police, fire, or Forest Service - or it is broken.

How can I keep the gate open for a large truck?
Open the gate and hold the button down on your clicker to keep the gate from shutting.

Why are those big ugly “teeth” in the gate?
Because, in the past, trucks have been used to push the gate open, breaking the magnetic lock and the gate.

Can the gate be opened from a mobile phone?
Yes - The gate access telephone can be programmed to ring any local telephone number, including a mobile phone. Send an email to gate @ ranchocarrillo.com to request to have your number entered into the call box listed. Only residents may be listed.