Links to active fire resources

Fire preparation

Important answers to important questions. Please read this and make sure everyone in your family does, too!

Prepare for a wildfire:

 1,   Watch this video.

  2.   Install the "CalFire" app on your smart phone for notifications and checklists.

  3.   Prepare all the residents in your home for READY SET GO

What should I do if a house or barn fire occurs:

"I see flames directly along our access road or in Rancho Carrillo proper and no one is around it, who do I call?"

Call 911 first and then call a local volunteer firefighter.   If it is small enough for you to safely extinguish with your fire extinguisher, do it!

"I smell smoke.  What should I do?"

1.  Look out  your window, go outside and/or drive around the neighborhood

2.  Check TV or radio for local news reports

3.  Monitor emergency websites:

      (You can sign up to receive Orange County major incidents by email at this website:

4.  Call a Rancho Carrillo Volunteer Fire Department member.  (Above list)

How will I know if a forest fire is headed our way?

The fire is getting closer – I don't want to evacuate.  what can I do to help?


Where do I go?  What do I do?

What should I do if I learn that a forest fire is headed our way?

Other information:

Rancho Carrillo is a Tier 2 (elevated) CPUC Fire Risk Area -

SCE may shut off power during specific (usually high wind) weather events. You can subscribe to notifications here:
As our electrical infrastructure is partially provided by SDG&E, it may be them who shut off power. Subscribe to their notifications here: