Road News

Post date: Sep 16, 2011 10:17:37 AM

Much needed repairs will be done on the access road this month. Two very large excavators will be used which are not easy to move. Dump trucks will be hauling dirt and rocks up and down the hill all day. Unfortunately, closures are necessary.

Monday, Sept. 19 -

The road will be completed closed from 8:45 until 5:00 p.m.

There will be no window during the day because they are working on the narrow part of the road at the bottom of the hill.

Tuesday through Friday (Sept. 20-23)

Road will be completely closed from 7 am until 4 pm

with a midday window (See below).


The road will be open 11:30 -11:45 each day (Tuesday through Friday) for residents only to go down or come up (No deliveries, no large trucks, no horse trailers, etc.)

Volunteers Still Needed:

We are going to barricade the road on both ends so we won't need as many volunteers or as many shifts. Please respond to this email or call Nancy at 728-0711 if you can help.

More paving

The following week we will have 2 days of paving -- where the road will need to be closed completely. I will need volunteers on those days as well. We will send a OneCallNow phone message out when we have more information.

If you are grumbling about the inconvenience of another road closure, just imagine how inconvenient it would be if the slides don’t get fixed and our road shuts down completely this winter. Let’s work together and get it done – as safely and quickly as possible.

(And remember -- our association dues have not gone up to complete these projects! It could have been worse!)