From the Water Board

Post date: May 5, 2017 9:10:44 PM

Our drinking water has been safe and of excellent quality since before the recent notifications and continues to be meet our high standards.

On March 28th. a notification was sent out that two of are active wells had exceeded the level of nitrate considered safe by County standards and the required notifications were made. The notifications did not address the condition of the water delivered to our homes.

Test samples were taken from three locations in the valley and it was determined that the water in our system was GOOD and considered SAFE.

The two wells, number 6 and 10, were only two of our 5 active wells and are low production wells. These two wells were taken off-line imediately. The small volume from these two wells, when active, was mixed and diluted in the larger volume of water produced by our larger producing wells.

The water that has been delivered to our members is Safe and of the highest Quality.

What have we done since ?

To date Well # 10 has been treated and pumped out several times and has had 2 good tests that are below the maximum acceptable level. We have asked the County to allow us to put back on line.

Well # 6 has also been treated and pumped out several times and the nitrate level has been dropping. We will continue to work on this well.

Well # 4 was already off-line and has been " on-reserve" for several years because of rising nitrate levels. Well # 2 , was inside the pump house at the Rec. center, was abandoned years ago for the same reason. Well # 4 tested high for nitrates after we did maintenance on the pump. We have Not been using this well for our water and have kept it off-line for emergency use only. Recently we have been pumping it out several times and the nitrate levels have been dropping.