Firearms in the Wilderness

Post date: Jan 25, 2012 5:08:12 PM

The Board of Directors has received some complaints/inquiries regarding the discharging of firearms in the surrounding wilderness area. Also, vandalism by gun fire to items like road signs and more critically, telephone relay posts has been reported. In response the Board would like to remind all residents of the following;

"6. Discharge of firearms is currently prohibited on the Forest

except for the purpose of hunting during the designated hunting season

as established by the California Department of Fish and Game.

Target shooting is only allowed within designated areas on the Forest."

Also Prohibited:

"Hunting within 150 Yards of any occupied dwelling house, resident, other building, any barn or outbuilding, road, developed area campgrounds, trails, fire stations, any national forest building, across any body of water, off-highway vehicle areas, and private property within the boundary of the Forest"

If you desire additional information please refer to link below to access the Cleveland National Forest website:

OR check with the California Department of Fish and Game for current regulations regarding the use of firearms on Federal Lands within the State of California

If you witness or experience any dangerous activity please contact the US Forest Service Law Enforcement Division at 1-619-557-5265.

Not only is this a safety issue and a Fire Prevention issue, but no one wants to see our telephone service knocked out as the result of someone's amusement or recreation. So, please respect the law, your neighbors and the Wilderness!