From the Water Company

posted Mar 28, 2017, 5:28 PM by Nancy Streza   [ updated Mar 28, 2017, 5:28 PM ]


[Rancho Carrillo Mutual Water Co.] water has high levels of nitrate


Water sample results received [March 20, 2017] showed nitrate levels of [10.2 mg/L].  This is above the nitrate standard, or maximum contaminant level (MCL), of 10 milligrams per liter.  Nitrate in drinking water is a serious health concern for infants less than six months old.

What should I do?

·      DO NOT GIVE THE WATER TO INFANTS.  Infants below the age of six months who drink water containing nitrate in excess of the MCL may quickly become seriously ill and, if untreated, may die because high nitrate levels can interfere with the capacity of the infant’s blood to carry oxygen.  Symptoms include shortness of breath and blueness of the skinSymptoms in infants can develop rapidly, with health deteriorating over a period of days.  If symptoms occur, seek medical attention immediately.

·      PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD NOT CONSUME THE WATER. High nitrate levels may also affect the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood of pregnant women.

·      Water, juice, and formula for children under six months of age should not be prepared with tap water.  Bottled water or other water low in nitrates should be used for infants until further notice.

·      DO NOT BOIL THE WATER.  Boiling, freezing, filtering, or letting water stand does not reduce the nitrate level.  Excessive boiling can make the nitrates more concentrated, because nitrates remain behind when the water evaporates.

·      If you have other health issues concerning the consumption of this water, you may wish to consult your doctor.

What happened?  What is being done?

Nitrate in drinking water can come from natural, industrial, or agricultural sources (including septic systems, storm water run-off, and fertilizers).  Levels of nitrate in drinking water can vary throughout the year. We will let you know if the amount of nitrate is again below the limit.

Water Samples from three locations throughout the valley have been taken and the results averaged 4.39 mc/L , well below the maximum level of 10 mc/L. Any water from Well # 6 has been “ blended” , mixed, with the water that serves our community.  Well # 6 has been taken off-line ( turned off) and we will continue to take corrective action, seasonal fluctuations, and when system expects to return to compliance.]

For more information, please contact [Dan F] at [949- 728- 0307] or [ mail inquiries to P O Box  457,  San   Juan    Capistrano. CA    92693].

Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses).  You can do this by posting this public notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail.

Secondary Notification Requirements

Upon receipt of notification from a person operating a public water system, the following notification must be given within 10 days [Health and Safety Code Section 116450(g)]:

·      SCHOOLS: Must notify school employees, students, and parents (if the students are minors).

·      RESIDENTIAL RENTAL PROPERTY OWNERS OR MANAGERS (including nursing homes and care facilities):  Must notify tenants.

·      BUSINESS PROPERTY OWNERS, MANAGERS, OR OPERATORS:  Must notify employees of businesses located on the property.

This notice is being sent to you by [Rancho Carrillo Mutual Water Co.].

State Water System ID#: _3300335__________.  Date distributed: 3-28-2017___________.

Artisans Guild

posted Mar 16, 2017, 9:31 PM by Nancy Streza

Calling all artisans, artists and makers:

Are you interested in connecting with other creators in our valley?

Announcing the formation of RCAMG, the Rancho Carrillo Artisan and Makers Guild. Our purpose is to inspire and support each other, develop and share resources, explore avenues of creativity and community, develop skills that will permit us to sustain ourselves and grow as we create and of course the pursuit of good times.

 Who is an artisan, artist or maker?  Anyone who is interested!  You don’t have to be a “master" to participate, just enthusiastic and fun.
Check out our website!

Rattlesnake Clinic (Updated)

posted Mar 15, 2017, 10:31 AM by Nancy Streza   [ updated Mar 16, 2017, 7:23 PM ]

With warmer weather, the likelihood of encountering a rattlesnake on your property or a trail increases.  Some experts are warning that you should watch out for a new type of rattlesnake – silent ones! In some parts of the country some rattlesnakes have completely lost their rattles. And that leaves some to wonder if the only thing worse than hearing a nearby rattlesnake is not hearing it at all.

If you are interested in a training in Rancho Carrillo that will teach your dogs to protect you, your family & themselves from being bitten by a rattlesnake, please contact our neighbor, Jessica at 747-  217-  6332  OR email her (Click HERE.)  

Driving the Rancho Carrillo Road

posted Mar 15, 2017, 10:13 AM by Nancy Streza   [ updated Mar 16, 2017, 7:23 PM ]

Think CAUTION and COURTESY every time you drive the hill.  Stay on your side of the road at all times. Please be polite on our road and if a car comes up behind you, pull over and let it by.

People are shouting at me, “You have to have an escort!!” What does that mean?   All large vehicles or vehicles with large trailers MUST be led up and down the hill by another vehicle with flashing hazard lights.

The homeowner (not the contractor) is responsible for properly escorting large trucks such as cement trucks, building material trucks, cranes, moving vans, and heavy equipment transport vehicles.  Homeowners need to carefully instruct the contractor or escort vehicle drivers. 

It is recommended that the lead vehicle be approximately 1000 feet (or 1/5 mile) ahead at all times, with emergency flashers on AND flagging down oncoming traffic   Wave your arm up and down to get their attention.   If they don’t slow down, honk your horn.   Indicate the number of trucks you are escorting – i.e.“1” or “2"  and motion for them to pull over.   Make eye contact or talk to the driver in the oncoming car so that they understand a large truck is behind you.      

In the “S” turns or the oaks, it’s advisable to be even farther in front of the large truck and point oncoming vehicles to the turns outs. 

Visitors don’t know our system – so wave your arm and yell “1 large truck is coming – please pull over now.” 

If you encounter an escort vehicle, PULL OVER TO THE RIGHT as soon as you safely can and WAIT for the truck to pass.

Why are “escorts” needed?” Aside from the danger and fear factor of meeting a large vehicle such as a concrete truck or on one of the “S” turns or in the oaks, heavy vehicles need to stay on the pavement at all times so the asphalt does not break down on the edges, causing costly repairs. 

Uphill traffic has the right-of-way.   You must pull over for a large vehicle, if a heavy truck has to come to a complete stop on a steep climb, he might break an axle or his transmission, blocking our access road for hours. 

There is a $100.00 fine for not escorting your large vehicles.

Easter in the Wilderness

posted Mar 15, 2017, 9:52 AM by Nancy Streza   [ updated Mar 16, 2017, 7:24 PM ]

Mark your calendar for April 18 for our annual Easter in the Wilderness - beginning at 8:30 with a worship service in the oak grove behind the rec center,  followed by a pancake breakfast and Easter Egg hunt.   Please invite your friends & family.   Volunteers are needed to help with the following:  Special music; Filling and/or hiding Easter eggs; Supplying food; Preparing food; Set up; Clean up.   

Play practice for  Easter play is every Sunday afternoon at 4 pm at the Streza's.

Horse Daze

posted Mar 15, 2017, 9:45 AM by Nancy Streza   [ updated Mar 16, 2017, 7:24 PM ]

Everyone is invited to come and cheer on the riders! 

Check-in begins this Saturday at 9 am
Horse Events start at 9:30 am

The Leadline and Greenhorn events will take place in the morning.  The Ranchhand events will take place after lunch.

Riders:  please sign up and pay in advance.  Complete and sign the entry form  & attach a check for your entry fees.  Make check payable to “Debbie Lohrman” and put in the Lohrman’s mailbox, Lot 26, BEFORE FRIDAY!

All the forms, patterns and rules are online.  Click Here.

Chili Cook-Off
Time:  12:00 noon – 12:30 pm

  1. Bring at least 10 cups of your best chili in a slow cooker, hot and ready to serve at 11:45 am.
  2. Give your chili a name and a rating for heat level (10 is “ghost-pepper hot”)
  3. Voters will taste a spoonful of each chili and fill out a ballot for their favorite
  4. The chili with the most votes wins

**We are NOT abiding by the International Chili Society rules.  
This is just for FUN!**

After the chili cook-off contest and the morning horse events, we will have chili and hot dogs for lunch!    Please bring your own drinks.  Bottled water will be provided.

If you would like to bring a salad or corn bread, please reply to this email or contact me (Nancy) at -0711.

Proposed Tower - Update

posted Feb 25, 2017, 2:19 PM by Nancy Streza   [ updated Mar 16, 2017, 7:25 PM ]

"I want to thank everyone who came to the homeowner forum Monday night to our monthly board meeting. Neighbors voiced their thoughts and opinions on the proposed cell tower.  I also had opened the discussion through my email and had very informative discussions that brought the board to vote “No” on the proposed cell tower. Thanks everyone for your time and effort." -Chris Jones

Last September at the annual meeting the Board announced that AT&T had approached Rancho Carrillo about putting a cell tower in the community. It would be placed at the Rec Center towards the back of the property and would stand 70 ft tall.  According to Chris J, the President of the Board, it would offer cell service only for AT&T and high speed internet.  

One of the topics for discussion at the homeowners forum of the upcoming Board Meeting (Monday, February 27 at 7 pm)  will be the Cell Tower.  The Association Board would like to know the opinion of RC homeowners. 

Following are some submissions by owners.  If you wish to make your opinion public on the Rancho Carrillo webpage, please email to

Ortega Highway News

posted Jan 29, 2017, 7:13 PM by Nancy Streza   [ updated Feb 3, 2017, 8:10 AM ]

All the info that has been in the weekly/daily newsletters

From CalTrans

Eastbound / Westbound 74 Full Closure
From EB -74 AT Gibby rd to WB -74 AT Nichols Institute Rd
Due to Slide Removal
Expected to end at 1:01pm Feb 21, 2017

Last updated: 02/02/2017 11:37am

State of California • Department of Transportation


Date: January 31, 2017
District: 12
Contact: Jocelyn Whitfield
Phone: (657) 328-6000




ORANGE COUNTY -– The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) closed SR-74 Ortega Highway on January 25, 2017 to through traffic after it was learned that the roadway near post mile 5.5 was undermined by the recent rain storms causing it to be very unstable. After a thorough investigation by Caltrans Geological Technical Engineer of the scope and depth of the storm damage, it is estimated that, weather permitting, the severely damaged roadway can be fully restored in about three weeks from today.

Early on Wednesday morning a sudden ‘dip’ appeared in both lanes of the road and shortly afterwards Caltrans Maintenance crews noticed the pavement was also experiencing significant cracking. It was determined that the recent storms created a 2 foot void under the lanes where soil and roadway material had been washed away causing the depression. While that was of considerable concern, the road cracking indicated that there were deeper tension issues which also could possibly affect the stability of the road.

Caltrans brought in a specialized drilling machine and numerous tests have revealed that up to 30 feet under the pavement the soil and roadway materials have become unstable and are not strong enough to support the road. Caltrans will immediately excavate the damaged soil and materials, then initiate a grouting operation to fill in voids and strengthen the remaining soil and materials, and then rebuild the roadway. The restoration operation will run 24/7 until the roadway is fully repaired and reopened to traffic.

Due to the severity of the storm damage to the roadway there is no through traffic. The hard closure going eastbound on the Orange County side is near Cristianitos and Gibby Roads in San Juan Capistrano east of Antonio Parkway/La Pata Avenue. Coming westbound from the Lake Elsinore area in Riverside County the hard closure is at Nichols Institute Road also in San Juan Capistrano. Changeable Message Signs are posted to alert motorists. Carpooling and use of Metrolink trains are suggested.

While safety must be our first priority, Caltrans knows that this closure is very difficult for everyone who uses Ortega Highway. Caltrans assures the public that we will open SR-74 as soon as possible and requests the public’s patience and support while we make these essential repairs.


And so, just like Rancho Carrians/Carrilloans did during the storms, road closures, and fires of the past, we need to pull together.  We can grumble and complain (I’ve done enough of that this last week to last a year!)  and become even more bitter or we can make our community stronger and better.  How about this -- reach out to a neighbor – even one you don’t know -  or don't like:  share a meal, offer to buy groceries when you’re in town, offer to feed animals or water plants, share some fuel,  share a cup of tea or a bottle of wine, watch the Super Bowl together, pray & worship together on Sunday, organize a game night, call & chat, go for a hike or a ride, organize a carpool, end a feud, look through the directory and see who shares the same address - and offer to pick up their mail.

If you don’t have the latest directory and don’t know how to contact your neighbors, reply to this email and I’ll send you an Excel File.



From Bob:

Ortega road status as of 9:30 this morning.

We (Bob & Keith) talked to the construction company on site this morning and got the following information:
1. All required equipment is now on site

2. They are working 24/7 to get the repairs completed

3. They are core boring the road to find the unstable areas of the road, per Caltrans engineering

4. Coring should be completed -  they hope -  by Tuesday of next week

5. They will start repairing the road after that; there is no completion date yet

Yes - Ortega is still closed.  No matter what you might hear on the news or from anyone else - we can only access from the Lake Elsinore side.  (I’ve been bugging CalTrans to change their website language to make it more clear.)

If you have a Smartphone, I recommend using the WAZE app.  Today it took us on exits and side streets around the 91 that we had never used before – and we probably saved 20 minutes.

After meetings and a more reasoned approach, Quest has decided to pay to put employees up in hotel just up the 15. With no Ortega traffic it's an easy commute and restaurants nearby. Thank you to EVERYONE for their generosity. But this probably does make more sense and the employees are most likely happier with this option. They are truly thankful for Rancho Carrillo generosity!  - Mary


From CalTrans:
SR-74 Ortega Highway Emergency Closure Update:

Caltrans knows this closure is tough on everyone who lives/works on Ortega and drives through and would not do this if it weren't very serious. Safety is always our top priority.

Here is the current situation:

Because of the long lasting storms last weekend torrents of water rushed down the side of the vegetation next to the inside lane, ran underneath the road and pushed its way out of the side of the embankment on the outside lane.

This created two areas of safety concern: first is the 2' void we found that runs under both lanes and out the embankment created by the rushing water. (We are still working on determining if there are deeper problems.) Second is the stability of the embankment itself. Neither concern can be seen from a street view. Although the outside lane appears safe it's not because it relays more on the embankment for stability and support.

Roads are built in layers. Take out a middle layer and you have a very unstable road. Take out a middle inside chunk of an embankment and a slide/collapse is very possible.

We were all very fortunate this weakened road area was caught in time before people were hurt or a vehicle damaged. Caltrans Maintenance crews are out on Ortega daily to keep an eye on things and fix areas as needed and were quick to see the road 'dip' that suddenly appeared AND we also want the give a shout out 'Thank You' to the commuter who called the District 12 PIO office to report the dip. We don't have permission to release his name but we do appreciate the time he took to call us with his concern.

So this brings us back to the place where we are still determining the full amount of damage there may be and protecting the public from areas we already know are unsafe.

Again we know this closure is hard on everyone but please be assured that we will get Ortega open as soon as it is safe.


From Nancy:    I learned  today that CalTrans contracted with George Chumo Construction to do the project. They are still targeting for Feb. 10.


From Sylvia: Very interesting morning today with our Assemblywoman, Melissa Melendaz, District 67 in Murrieta. Although she had lots of issues for discussion, our Caltrans problem was not one of them. She was though, after the formal meeting, very cordial to me and let me talk to her director about our road issue. Again the topic of safety was explained to me and that even using the one lane for any passage would not be approved due to the unstable condition of that portion of the road. I was told, Melissa Melendez would be very happy to visit our community and speak with our residents if we wished in the future to do so for any issues and I was given the contact person to set it up.

She also introduced me to a CHP officer, very nice and I was told by him that our workmen, vendors or family, if they come thru the Elsinore road block (currently now only at Nichols) and say "going to Rancho Carrillo," they will be allowed to pass without stickers.

Thanks, Sylvia, for attending the meeting and getting the “sticker” requirement lifted!!!


Call 911 first and then any of the First Responders on the first page of your RC Directory for assistance.   Orange County will send a helicopter with two paramedics on board in case of a life-threatening or serious emergency.

Station 51 in El Cariso will respond for fire or other emergencies.

Some possible Urgent Care clinics:

1) Temecula 24HR Urgent Care – always open with on-site x-ray.
      41715 Winchester Road, Ste #101, Temecula    951-308-4451

2)  Danesh Medical Care, 31581 Canyon Estates Dr.


Normally I don’t put ads in our newsletters – but we don’t want our animals to suffer because of the road closure.

Canyon Feed
Please order early for Monday 30th delivery. 949-766-2825

Ortega Tack & Feed.
Per Jolina, “we will no longer be delivering feed. You can still come in for bagged feed, at this time we aren't carrying hay.”

Kruse Feed
They are willing to deliver up here and they’ve been talking with Canyon Feed to work together.  562-690-6998

Need help feeding or caring for your animals?
Here are some people who you can contact: (Numbers not published on the webpage.  Check with Nancy for numbers.)

Jacqui & Angie

Some possible Urgent Care clinics for animals
1) Elsinore Pet Clinic 16776 Lakeshore Dr.   (951) 674-7866
2) Temecula Valley Animal Hospital,
    26612 Margarita Rd #104, Murrieta, CA  (951) 200-3877


From Mary :  I've gotten a TON of responses about possibly renting rooms to Quest employees. Thank you!   I am waiting to get names from Quest and when I get the info on how many are in need etc.... I will call or text everyone back. Thank you so much!


After talking with CalTrans off and on all day, I’ve learned that the target date for us to drive through from San Juan Capistrano is still Feb. 10.

Many of you have asked about walking through or around the sink hole/damaged road area – and this is the official answer: 

“I'm told that pedestrians are not allowed. Sorry. It's not safe because there are signs (surface cracking) that the roadway is failing towards the river. There is also a large void detected under both lanes. The Geotechnical engineer is here assessing the situation.”

If anything changes, I will send out a OneCallNow phone message.  Please send me your phone number(s) if you did not get the call yesterday.


Some of the critical care staff members at Quest Diagnostics are looking for rooms to rent in Rancho Carrillo while the road is closed.  If you would like to help out and make some extra money, contact Mary Harding at 916-798-6052 or   (Specify your preferences:  how many people you can accommodate; male/female/no preference;  shared or single rooms, etc.)

Ortega highway is closed between our gate and Antonio because of a sinkhole at Gibby Road. The CHP Traffic site says it will open again on approximately February 10.

No local traffic is allowed so the only access is through Lake Elsinore.

You will need a Rancho Carrillo sticker or proof of residency (HOA water, electric, or phone bill, etc.)  to pass the CalTrans/CHP Checkpoint at Grand Avenue/Highway 74 in Lake Elsinore. 

You can pick up a sticker from either our mailbox (Lot 8) or the Huber’s mailbox (Lot 65).  Please do not take more than you need.

Today the average travel time was 4 hours from San Juan Capistrano on all routes (the 91, the 76 and the 78).

I asked the CalTrans workers who were issuing passes whether or not they would allow hay trucks.   They said, “You will need to talk to CHP about that. We were told RESIDENTS ONLY.”

Historically, fires and floods have always brought us closer together as neighbors.  Let us know how we can help each other  -  with feeding animals, picking up groceries or gasoline, or carpools.   Directories are available in my mailbox.  Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

We will update you as often as we can.  (If you didn’t receive a phone call today, please send me your info for the OneCallNow system.)

From CHP Chatter:


Obviously we can request a medivac helicopter in case of a serious emergency.  Call 911 and then any of the First Responders on the first page of your RC Directory for assistance.


Don't feed the coyotes!

posted Mar 7, 2014, 9:58 AM by Nancy Streza   [ updated Aug 30, 2015, 12:52 PM ]

The result may be deadly conflicts with pets or livestock, or serious injuries to small children.

Please read this article by California Department of Fish and Game:

It's ALWAYS fire season

posted Oct 26, 2012, 7:02 AM by Nancy Streza   [ updated Mar 22, 2013, 3:15 PM ]

CAL FIRE urges everyone to exercise extreme caution when in or near the wildland or open areas to prevent a fire - especially in windy conditions.

Click on the "FIRE" (left hand column)  for more information about what to do in case of a fire in Rancho Carrillo.

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