RC News 5/19/17

posted May 19, 2017, 6:56 AM by Nancy Streza

We have had a very large bobcat lurking in the field behind our house for several days.  He does run from our dogs, but I’d worry that they would lose the battle if it was one-on-one. Also, I wouldn’t want to let any small children play outside unattended, or leave any small animals outside, especially cats and chickens.
-Tammy H.

Lost Dog
If you see a female Australian Shepherd (blue merle/tri-colored blue), please call  728- 1420.  We rescued “Rosie” – but she ran away. - Ron B & Cindy F

Brush clearance  

The deadline for clearing brush/tall grass/weeds on all properties and lots is June 1.

Have you stopped to look at the new call box?  If you don’t want your name listed, if we missed you or if you want a different phone number programmed, please reply to this email.   To open the gate from your home (or cell, if that is your primary number), press 5 or 9 when someone calls from the callbox.

Camp Carrillo
Our summer day camp for kids of all ages will be on Wednesdays this summer at the Streza’s, starting on June 14 from 10 – 2.  If your kids would be interested in attending or helping, please reply to this email. 

Horse Daze
Have you marked your calendar for August 5?

Ortega Gate

posted May 12, 2017, 6:07 PM by Nancy Streza

Beginning at 10 am on May 13, 2017 - our new call box will be fully operational.  

Users will search by name, and then hit the call button.  
When answering from home, you can push 5 or 9 to open the gate.

For now the temporary direct dial number is the same - except #_ _ _ _ instead of *_ _ _ _.  (This is a public page so check your email with the current number.)

The remote (clicker) code has not changed.

To exit the gate, drive up slowly to the white line to activate the automatic opener.

DO NOT stop in the gate path.  The new gate shuts and opens much faster!

From the Water Board

posted May 5, 2017, 2:10 PM by Nancy Streza

Our drinking water has been safe and of excellent quality since before the recent notifications and continues to be meet our high standards.

On March 28th. a notification was sent out that two of are active wells had exceeded the level of nitrate considered safe by County standards and the required notifications were made. The notifications did not address the condition of the water delivered to our homes.

Test samples were taken from three locations in the valley and it was determined that the water in our system was GOOD and considered SAFE. 

The two wells, number 6 and 10, were only two of our 5 active wells and are low production wells. These two wells were taken off-line imediately. The small volume from these two wells, when active, was mixed and diluted  in the larger volume of water produced by our larger producing wells.

The water that has been delivered to our members  is Safe and of the highest Quality.

What have we done since ?

To date Well # 10 has been treated and pumped out several times and has had 2 good tests that are below the maximum acceptable level. We have asked the County to allow us to put back on line.

Well # 6 has also been treated and pumped out several times and the nitrate level has been dropping. We will continue to work on this well.

Well # 4 was already off-line and has been " on-reserve" for several years because of rising nitrate levels. Well # 2 , was inside the pump house at the Rec. center,  was abandoned  years ago for the same reason.  Well # 4 tested high for nitrates after we did maintenance on  the pump. We have Not been using this well for our water and  have kept it off-line for emergency use only. Recently we have been pumping it out several times and the nitrate levels have been dropping.

RC News 5/5/17

posted May 5, 2017, 2:07 PM by Nancy Streza   [ updated May 10, 2017, 9:57 PM ]


Brush clearance:  The deadline for clearing brush/tall grass/weeds on all properties and lots is June 1.

Pool:  The community pool will reopen on Mother's Day weekend May 13th.

Gate:  California Gate will be working on the gate this week starting Wednesday, finishing the gate extension. Thank you Daniel and Brent.

Roads:  The road committee has been working with our asphalt consultants on our options and budget for repairing the access road. We will keep you informed on our progress.

Escorting: Large trucks need to be escorted for the safety to everyone in the community. As it was put to me years ago "We share a 6 mile driveway" what comes up that driveway affects us all.

SLOW DOWN:   The speed limit thru the valley is 15mph -  it is posted throughout the valley. Please residents, friends, workers, delivery trucks - we have kids and animals that share the road – so SLOW DOWN!

Any questions call Chris Jones – 728-0190 or 949-633-4635

THANK YOU to everyone for supporting our cement escort ALL day! Everyone was patient and so kind.  We feel so lucky to live in such an amazing community.  Alex & Lori

We (Streza’s) need to apologize to whoever was escorting an RV down the hill on Saturday.   Our guests did not understand the “One finger pointing up”  signal so they didn’t pull over.   (They were looking up in the sky, trying to see what you were pointing to…) They are sorry, too.  

Our summer day camp for kids of all ages will be a Creative Arts Camp with music, comedy, drama, arts and games – ending with a talent show & a potluck dinner for the whole community.  If your kids would be interested in attending or helping, please reply to this email.  Then we will decide on the best days.

Have you marked your calendar for August 5?

Email Newsletter

** NOTE:  Residents with the email address with or (Diane C, Justin, Siti, Lauren, Anatol, and Mary M.) are not receiving this email.   Please share  this newsletter with them.   I am still trying to figure out how to convince those servers that we are not spam emails.

Brush Clearance on Road

posted Apr 4, 2017, 9:33 PM by Nancy Streza

Road brush clearance on the access road will start  on Wednesday, April 5.  There will be men working on the road so please drive with caution for your safety and the safety of the men working.    

Water Company - Revision

posted Mar 28, 2017, 5:28 PM by Nancy Streza   [ updated Mar 31, 2017, 9:24 AM ]


Este informe contiene información muy importante sobre su agua potable.

Tradúzcalo o hable con alguien que lo entienda bien.



Rancho Carrillo Mutual Water Co. water has high levels of nitrate





Water sample results received March 17, 2017 and confirmation samples results received on 3/22/2016] showed nitrate levels of [9.35 mg/L and 5.40 mg/L for well #W1, 8.85 mg/L and 28.9 mg/L for well #4 and 10.2 mg/L and 11.7 mg/L for well #6 . Results for well # 10 were reported by the lab on 3/29/2017 at 10.8 mg/L. This results are above the nitrate standard, or maximum contaminant level (MCL), of 10 milligrams per liter.  Nitrate in drinking water is a serious health concern for infants less than six months old.

What should I do?

·      DO NOT GIVE THE WATER TO INFANTS.  Infants below the age of six months who drink water containing nitrate in excess of the MCL may quickly become seriously ill and, if untreated, may die because high nitrate levels can interfere with the capacity of the infant’s blood to carry oxygen.  Symptoms include shortness of breath and blueness of the skinSymptoms in infants can develop rapidly, with health deteriorating over a period of days.  If symptoms occur, seek medical attention immediately.

·      PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD NOT CONSUME THE WATER. High nitrate levels may also affect the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood of pregnant women.

·      Water, juice, and formula for children under six months of age should not be prepared with tap water.  Bottled water or other water low in nitrates should be used for infants until further notice.

·      DO NOT BOIL THE WATER.  Boiling, freezing, filtering, or letting water stand does not reduce the nitrate level.  Excessive boiling can make the nitrates more concentrated, because nitrates remain behind when the water evaporates.

·      If you have other health issues concerning the consumption of this water, you may wish to consult your doctor.

What happened?  What is being done?

Nitrate in drinking water can come from natural, industrial, or agricultural sources (including septic systems, storm water run-off, and fertilizers).  Levels of nitrate in drinking water can vary throughout the year. We will let you know if the amount of nitrate is again below the limit.

Well # W-1, #6 and # 10 have been taken off-line (turned off) and we will continue to take corrective action to correct this violation.  Well # 4 was not producing water to the system.  Work was being done to replace the pump.  The well will not be place on line until it meets requirements or treatment is available.

For more information, please contact Dan F at 949- 728- 0307 or mail inquiries to P O Box 457 , San  Juan  Capistrano. CA 92693.

Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses).  You can do this by posting this public notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail.

Secondary Notification Requirements

Upon receipt of notification from a person operating a public water system, the following notification must be given within 10 days [Health and Safety Code Section 116450(g)]:

·      SCHOOLS: Must notify school employees, students, and parents (if the students are minors).

·      RESIDENTIAL RENTAL PROPERTY OWNERS OR MANAGERS (including nursing homes and care facilities):  Must notify tenants.

·      BUSINESS PROPERTY OWNERS, MANAGERS, OR OPERATORS:  Must notify employees of businesses located on the property.

This notice is being sent to you by Rancho Carrillo Mutual Water Co.

State Water System ID#: _3300335______  Date distributed: 3-29-2017____









Este aviso contiene información muy importante sobre su agua potable.

Tradúzcalo o hable con alguien que lo entienda bien.




El agua de  Rancho Carrillo Mutual Water tiene altos niveles de nitratos




Los resultados de las pruebas del agua recibidas el 3/17/2017 y resultados de confirmacion de las pruebas del agua recibidas el 3/22/2016 mostraron niveles de nitrato de 9.35 mg/L y 5.40 mg/L por el pozo  #W1, 8.85 mg/L y 28.9 mg/L por pozo #4 y 10.2 mg/L y 11.7 mg/L por el pozo #6. Resultados reportados por el laboratorio el 3/29/2017 de las pruebas del agua del pozo #10 son 10.8 mg/L. Estos niveles exceden el estándar o nivel máximo de contaminante (MCL) de 10 milígramos por litro. Los nitratos en el agua potable son una preocupación seria en bebés menores de seis meses.

¿Qué debe hacer?

·      NO DE ÉSTA AGUA A BEBÉS MENORES DE 6 MESES. Los bebés menores de 6 meses que toman agua con nitrato en exceso del nivel máximo de contaminante (MCL), se pueden enfermar seriamente y rápidamente. Y si los bebés no reciben atención médica, pueden morir debido a que los altos niveles de nitratos pueden interferir con la capacidad de la sangre de los bebés para transportar oxígeno. Los síntomas incluyen falta de aire y coloración azulada de la piel. Los síntomas en los bebés se pueden desarrollar rápidamente y la salud se deteriora en cuestión de días. Si hay síntomas de intoxicación por altos niveles de nitratos, busque atención médica de inmediato.

·      LAS MUJERES EMBARAZADAS NO DEBEN CONSUMIR AGUA CON ALTOS NIVELES DE NITRATOS. Los altos niveles de nitrato también pueden afectar la capacidad de la sangre de mujeres embarazadas para transportar oxígeno.

·      No use agua de la llave para preparar jugo, agua, y formula para bebés menores de 6 meses. Use agua embotellada u otra agua baja en nitratos para los bebés menores de 6 meses hasta nuevo aviso.

·      NO HIERVA EL AGUA. Hervir, congelar, filtrar, o dejar reposar el agua, no reduce el nivel de nitratos. Hervir el agua en exceso puede causar que los nitratos se concentren más, porque los nitratos se quedan cuando el agua se evapora.

·      Si tiene otros problemas de salud por el consumo de ésta agua, usted debería consultar con su doctor.

¿Qué sucedió?  ¿Qué se está haciendo al respecto?

El nitrato en el agua potable puede originar de fuentes naturales, industriales, o agriculturales (incluyendo sistemas sépticos, escorrentía de agua de lluvia, y fertilizantes). Los niveles de nitrato en el agua potable pueden variar a través del año. Le informaremos si el nivel de nitratos vuelve a estar debajo del límite.

Pozo # W-1, #6 and # 10 han cido apagados (turned off) continuaremos a tomar acciones de rectificacion hasta corrigir la violacion.  El pozo #4 no estaba conectado en el sistema.  Esta siendo reparado, y no sera usado hasta no cumplir con los requisitos

Para mas informacion contacta a  Dan F   at 949- 728-  0307 o por correo a P O Box 457, San Juan Capistrano. CA 92693.

Por favor comparta esta información con todas las demás personas que tomen de esta agua, especialmente aquellos que no hayan recibido éste aviso directamente (por ejemplo, las personas en apartamentos, asilos, escuelas, y negocios). Puede hacerlo poniendo este aviso en un lugar público o distribuyendo copias en persona o por correo.

Requisitos de Notificación Secundaria

Al recibir la notificación de alguien que opere un sistema de agua público, se debe dar la siguiente notificación dentro de 10 días conforme a la Sección 116450(g) del Código de Salud y Seguridad:

·       ESCUELAS: Deben notificar a los empleados de la escuela, estudiantes, y a los padres (si los estudiantes son menores).

·       DUEÑOS O GERENTES DE PROPIEDAD PARA ALQUILER RESIDENCIAL (incluyendo asilos e instituciones de cuidado): Deben notificar a sus inquilinos.

·       DUEÑOS DE PROPIEDAD DE NEGOCIOS, GERENTES, U OPERADORES: Deben notificar a los empleados de los negocios situados en la propiedad.

Este aviso es enviado por Rancho Carrillo Mutual Water Co.

Núm. de Identificación del Sistema Estatal de Agua: _3300335_________. 

Fecha de distribución: 3/29/2017_______.


Artisans Guild

posted Mar 16, 2017, 9:31 PM by Nancy Streza

Calling all artisans, artists and makers:

Are you interested in connecting with other creators in our valley?

Announcing the formation of RCAMG, the Rancho Carrillo Artisan and Makers Guild. Our purpose is to inspire and support each other, develop and share resources, explore avenues of creativity and community, develop skills that will permit us to sustain ourselves and grow as we create and of course the pursuit of good times.

 Who is an artisan, artist or maker?  Anyone who is interested!  You don’t have to be a “master" to participate, just enthusiastic and fun.
Check out our website!

Rattlesnake Clinic (Updated)

posted Mar 15, 2017, 10:31 AM by Nancy Streza   [ updated Mar 16, 2017, 7:23 PM ]

With warmer weather, the likelihood of encountering a rattlesnake on your property or a trail increases.  Some experts are warning that you should watch out for a new type of rattlesnake – silent ones! In some parts of the country some rattlesnakes have completely lost their rattles. And that leaves some to wonder if the only thing worse than hearing a nearby rattlesnake is not hearing it at all.

If you are interested in a training in Rancho Carrillo that will teach your dogs to protect you, your family & themselves from being bitten by a rattlesnake, please contact our neighbor, Jessica at 747-  217-  6332  OR email her (Click HERE.)  

Driving the Rancho Carrillo Road

posted Mar 15, 2017, 10:13 AM by Nancy Streza   [ updated Mar 16, 2017, 7:23 PM ]

Think CAUTION and COURTESY every time you drive the hill.  Stay on your side of the road at all times. Please be polite on our road and if a car comes up behind you, pull over and let it by.

People are shouting at me, “You have to have an escort!!” What does that mean?   All large vehicles or vehicles with large trailers MUST be led up and down the hill by another vehicle with flashing hazard lights.

The homeowner (not the contractor) is responsible for properly escorting large trucks such as cement trucks, building material trucks, cranes, moving vans, and heavy equipment transport vehicles.  Homeowners need to carefully instruct the contractor or escort vehicle drivers. 

It is recommended that the lead vehicle be approximately 1000 feet (or 1/5 mile) ahead at all times, with emergency flashers on AND flagging down oncoming traffic   Wave your arm up and down to get their attention.   If they don’t slow down, honk your horn.   Indicate the number of trucks you are escorting – i.e.“1” or “2"  and motion for them to pull over.   Make eye contact or talk to the driver in the oncoming car so that they understand a large truck is behind you.      

In the “S” turns or the oaks, it’s advisable to be even farther in front of the large truck and point oncoming vehicles to the turns outs. 

Visitors don’t know our system – so wave your arm and yell “1 large truck is coming – please pull over now.” 

If you encounter an escort vehicle, PULL OVER TO THE RIGHT as soon as you safely can and WAIT for the truck to pass.

Why are “escorts” needed?” Aside from the danger and fear factor of meeting a large vehicle such as a concrete truck or on one of the “S” turns or in the oaks, heavy vehicles need to stay on the pavement at all times so the asphalt does not break down on the edges, causing costly repairs. 

Uphill traffic has the right-of-way.   You must pull over for a large vehicle, if a heavy truck has to come to a complete stop on a steep climb, he might break an axle or his transmission, blocking our access road for hours. 

There is a $100.00 fine for not escorting your large vehicles.

Easter in the Wilderness

posted Mar 15, 2017, 9:52 AM by Nancy Streza   [ updated Mar 16, 2017, 7:24 PM ]

Mark your calendar for April 18 for our annual Easter in the Wilderness - beginning at 8:30 with a worship service in the oak grove behind the rec center,  followed by a pancake breakfast and Easter Egg hunt.   Please invite your friends & family.   Volunteers are needed to help with the following:  Special music; Filling and/or hiding Easter eggs; Supplying food; Preparing food; Set up; Clean up.   

Play practice for  Easter play is every Sunday afternoon at 4 pm at the Streza's.

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